Devided Theatrical play by K.Arvanitakis & M.Karatzas


Two poets have a conflict about tragety and comedy. Chorus helpes thems to visualise their ideas - using the original ancient pronuciation, masks and live music. Finding things out about the way it all began. A brief history of theater.

Cast & Crew

Director: Konstandinos Arvanitakis
Dramaturgic processing: M. Karatzas
Set Designer : K. Zamanis
Costume design: K. Zamanis
Sound Design and Composition: Nikos Xanthoulis
Choreographer: Katia Savramy
Assistant of Director: Katerina Papanastasatoy
Production: PostScriptum
Public Relations: K. Anagnwstoy

Actors: T. Perdioy, B. Galiatsatos, A. Kyriakakis, G Savidis, G. Kotidis, A. Philipopoylos, C. Dimitrakakis, D. Tsikrimanis, G. Housakos, P. Topsidis