Love the Hero

Aduption to short story οf A. Papadiamadis Love-Hero


Love the Hero is monologue based on the short story Love-Hero.
A young fisherman, out of nowhere, finds out tha his be loved is about to married another man. Is he going to stop her to kill her or to forgive her?

Cast & Crew

Director: Alexander Balamotis
Dramaturgic processing: Al. Balamotis / A. Kyriakakis
Set Designer - Costume design: Alexander Balamotis
Sound Design and Composition: Konstandin Anagnostou
Lighting Designer: Konstandin Anagnostou
Photography by: Ch. Demou
Production: EupolisArt
Public Relations: EupolisArt
Trailer: Ch. Demou

Actor: Antonis Kyriakakis