Theatrical play by Steven Bergoff


What happens when an ordinary gathering is peeled back to expose the fears and insecurities beneath? Frank and Donna are having dinner with her mother-in-law and friends George and Hal, but under the surface there lie anxieties and desires waiting to be unleashed.

Cast & Crew

Director: Efthimis Christoy
Dramaturgic processing: Efthimis Christoy
Set Designer: Venetia Nestoridoy
Costume design: Venetia Nestoridoy
Choreographer: Efthimis Christoy
Assistant of Director: George Pavloy
Photography by: Yp.Kornaroy / M.Malevi

Actors: Kyriakakis Anthony, George Zigoyris, Stelios Pavlopoylos, Eleni Andrikopoyloy, Christina Demoy, Adriana Adreovitz