Koytroyli's Marriage Story

Theatrical play by Al. Ragavis


A middle age industralist arrives to Athens in order to propose to a young lady. She will answer posivitly only under one condition. The industrialist must first be a minister.

Cast & Crew

Director - Dramaturgic processing: Smaragda Karidi
Set Designer : George Gavalas
Costume design: Nikos Charlaftis
Sound Design and Composition: Minos Matsas
Choreographer: Betty Dramisioti
Lighting Designer: Simos Sarketzis
Assistant of Director: M.Bairaktary/G. Soyleiman
Photography by: T. Vrettos
Production: People Entertainment Group
Public Relations: Olga Pavlatoi

Actors: S. Karidi, N. Koyris, K. Koroneos, G. Psichogios, S. Chatziakelakis, A. Kyriakakis, Al. Tsotsis ,G. Souleiman,T. Rodovitis, B. Papagerorgioy