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Kyriakakis Antonis

Having completed my studies in the Drama School of the Municipal Regional Theater of Patra in 2016, I have been working as an actor in Athens since. I have always had an affection for music and musical theater so I learned from an early age to play the guitar. I also play drums, trompone,and harmonica on an amateur level. I have also graduated University of Pireus, Department of Statistics and Insurance in 2018. A few plays I have performed in are: Oedipus Rex, (Vakhtangov theater in Moscow, R. Touminas), Koutroulis Marriage story, (vasilakou theater,Sm. Karudi), Theatron, (V.Stratou theater, K.Arvanitakis) . In 2018 I had the honor to win the Interpretion award in the Monologue Festival of Eupolis the Theater for the play Love the Hero. My life's ambition is to constantly work and create in both theater and cinema in Greece or even abroad.

2020 Aincient Greek Drama Course

Aris Biniaris

2018 Aincient Greek Drama Course

National Theater - Evagelatoy Katerina

2012 - 2016 Kódaly - Konstantina Pitsiakoy

School of acting Mu.Re. Theater of Patras

2002 - 2007 Κλασσική Κιθάρα - Πρώτη Μέση

Ωδείο Σειστρών - Αναστάσιος Παπαδάκης

2002 - 2005 Σολφέζ - Κλασσική Μέθοδος

Ωδείο Σειστρών - Αναστάσιος Παπαδάκης

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